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COVID-19 Safety Update

You will be contacted in advance of your session and asked to confirm that you are not symptomatic. If you have a cough, temperature or cold and flu symptoms, you should not, under any circumstances, come to the consultation.

During your consultation

  • We will stay more than 2m apart throughout.
  • It is optional for you or myself to wear masks or gloves (not provided). This is left to your own discretion and to my discretion as your herbalist. If you would like me to wear a mask and/or gloves, please indicate this preference in advance of your consultation.

Online consultations can be facilitated. Contact me for more details.

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I'm Gemma

Your holistic guide to natural healing

As a Master Herbalist I assess physical and emotional health to identify the root cause of your imbalance, guiding you back to good health, and well-being.

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Who is Gemma Dixon

I am a Master Herbalist, passionate about taking a holistic approach to healing.

I began my journey 8 years ago, and it has been the greatest and most rewarding achievement of my life. Now I want to share my knowledge and empower you to take charge of your own health and well-being.

What I treat

I work with many health challenges. Some common ones are listed here.

Digestive issues


Sleep problems

Stress and anxiety



Energy Levels

Skin Health

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Work with me

If you have the time and willingness to explore your health thoroughly, work with me.

Work with me if you want to observe how your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being can affect your health.

Finally, if you want someone to listen and support you, work with me.

How I can help you on your healing journey

I can support and guide you to effect deep and lasting changes to your health and well-being.

As a clinically trained Master Herbalist I offer a natural holistic approach, combined with plant therapeutics that support your natural healing abilities to guide you back to balanced health.

Gemma sitting with her legs crossed on some grass with a white blossom in her hand, while looking into the distance.

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